Lausitzer Farbwerke metal protective varnish 3 in 1 - traditional


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High-quality metal protective paint 3in1 traditional metal protective paint 3-in-1

SIT LIKE A 1! The semi-matt metal protective paint 3-in-1 from Lausitzer Farbwerke is a traditional rust protection on a synthetic resin base.

HIGH QUALITY: It is known for its excellent adhesion on many surfaces.

HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Because this metal paint is a primer, rust protection and top coat in one, you save on additional anti-rust products. Consumption: approx. 10m²/l.

SIMPLICITY: You can also apply this paint for metal, steel, iron, zinc and aluminum directly to rust.

PERSONAL: We are there for you and your perfect paint job! We will be happy to send you detailed application instructions upon request. If you would like to thin the paint, we recommend our paints Löwe Dilution 700. As a painting set, we recommend the paints Löwe paint set X300, which was specially developed for our paints.

Step-by-step instructions for use


  1. The processing and especially the drying of the metal protective paint 3in1 should not take place below 10°C. This information refers to the paint material, substrate and room temperature during processing and the subsequent drying and curing time.
  2. Dust sources should be removed.
  3. The surface can be sanded before use and must be clean, dry, free of grease, silicone and wax. You should definitely remove any loose old paint or rust beforehand. Important: Do not use cleaners containing soap or scouring milk. For cleaning surfaces and equipment, we recommend our Farbenlöwe Thinner 700. (See below)
  4. A primer is not necessary. You can also use the 3in1 as a primer.
  5. Spray, roll or brush the paint. 1-2 coats are recommended.
  6. The paint is completely dry after approx. 5 days. The product can be painted over after approx. 24 hours.

Data & Facts

  • Consumption: approx. 10m²/l
  • Drying: dust dry at 20°C after approx. 4 hours, can be painted over after approx. 24 hours
  • Minimum temperature: 10°C
  • Final hardness: after approx. 7 days
  • Finest brand quality Made in Germany
  • Highly opaque & weather-resistant


  1. If desired, dilute the 3in1 with approx. 5 - 10% thinner.
  2. Spray, roll or brush the paint. 1-2 coats are recommended.
  3. After approx. 4 hours the paint is dust dry. After about 24 hours you can easily remove the painter's tape.

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