The correct use: PU wood protection paint

Here you can find out how to use our PU wood protection paint correctly.

You need:


  1. Sanding: Sand the surfaces to be painted to obtain a roughened and even surface. Use fine sandpaper or a sanding block to sand the surfaces.
  2. Surface cleaning: Clean the surface thoroughly to remove dirt, dust and grease. Do not use soapy cleaning agents or scouring milk as these are made from fatty acids and are not suitable for dissolving grease.

  3. Cover: Cover any areas that will not be painted with painter's tape and masking paper. Use painter's tape to create crisp lines and ensure no paint gets onto unwanted areas.

  4. Paint Preparation: Stir the paint thoroughly before using. Make sure that the color is well mixed to achieve an even color.

  5. Wood moisture and air humidity: Make sure that the wood moisture is not higher than 15% and the maximum air humidity for processing and drying is not higher than 65%.

  6. Thinning: If you want to thin the wood protection paint, you can add about 5-10% thinner. Mix the thinner well with the paint before applying it. Be careful not to dilute too much as this may affect the quality of the paint.

  1. Applying the paint: You can either spray, roll or brush the paint. It is recommended to apply one or two coats. The first coat can be applied with a 5%-10% thinner to achieve better penetration of the substrate. Afterwards, at least one layer should be applied undiluted.

  2. Drying time: The PU wood protection paint is dust dry after about 12 hours. You can then easily paint over the product. Please note, however, that you should not apply the paint layers too thickly to ensure complete drying. Complete color stability is achieved after seven days.

  3. Layer thickness and overpainting: Avoid layer thicknesses that are too high and do not overcoat the paint too early. A layer thickness that is too high can impair drying and even prevent it completely. Make sure the coats are applied thinly and evenly for best results. Wait for the paint to dry completely before painting over it.

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