The correct use: varnish paint

On this page you will learn how to use our paint color correctly.


You need:

  • Paint color
  • Paint roller, Brush or airless spray gun 
  • possibly. Painter's tape and masking paper to mask the area that is not to be coated
  • If necessary, a dilution (this can then also be used to clean the device)
  • Degreaser
  • Sandpaper or sander


  • The consumption of the paint is on average around 7-8 m²/l. However, this information may vary if you use thinner or apply thicker layers.
  • The ideal temperatures for the environment, material and paint are between 15°C and 25°C, do not process the paint at temperatures below 10°C. Humidity should not be higher than 65%. If desired, you can dilute the varnish paint with 5-10% thinner.
  • Sand the surfaces to be painted. Then thoroughly clean the surface to remove dirt, dust and grease. Avoid soapy cleaners or abrasive cleaners.
  • Cover all areas that should not be painted with painter's tape and masking paper. Use painter's tape to create sharp lines.
  • Stir the paint well before use.


  1. Roll or brush on the paint. 1-2 coats are recommended. To achieve better absorption of the paint into the substrate, the first coat can be applied with 5-10% Thinner 700. This is followed by at least one undiluted layer.
  2. The paint is dust dry after about 3 hours. After about 12 hours, the product will have dried to the point where it can be easily painted over. Before repainting, we recommend sanding the surface with sandpaper or a sander. Full resistance is expected after 7 days. Avoid coats of paint that are too thick and overpainting too early, as this can impair drying and, if in doubt, prevent it completely.

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